Monica Eter is a luxury lifestyle brand, born from a love of luxurious design, an obsession for scent and a passion for the planet.  Focused on providing a sense of everyday luxury that everyone can enjoy without compromising on ecological and cruelty free ethics. Not wanting to use unsustainable, unhealthy mineral waxes or animal derived ingredients commonly found in the home fragrance industry today, we embarked on a long journey of experimentation to create the perfect wax for our candles.

Our own blend of renewable soy, coconut wax and two other secret natural ingredients has the benefits of longer burn time and superior scent throw without the use of additives.

We take great pride in that all our products are handmade, in small batches, in our Studio on Portobello Road, ensuring meticulous attention is paid to every detail. Even our labels are hand foiled!

We use only the finest of fragrance oils and essential oils to create the perfect candle.




Monica’s passion for scent and joy at discovering rich new aromas started at an early age whilst spending every summer on her grandparents farm in a little village in Galicia, a region known for it’s natural beauty and the celebration of Corpus Christi, for which neighbours prepared artistic carpets made entirely out of natural flowers.

From several weeks before the celebration, men women and children, including her family, went out to the mountains, fields and gardens to pick thousands of flowers, bushes and shrubs. Needless to say, the smell was intoxicating!

The end result was breathtaking floral carpets along the streets and squares of the village in a fusion of colour, creativity and beauty. It was the beginning of her love for floral scents.

Her grandmother saw how Monica took an interest in scents and always asked her to help with family meals. She would ask her to go and pick the herbs from the farm ground to prepare the seasoning and grind them with other aromatic ingredients (in a shabby old wooden pestle and mortar), which she did with fascination.


When Monica was twelve her grandmother introduced her to fragrance oils, essential oils and wax. She taught her how to make candles and took her with her to sell them at a nearby village market on Sundays. People from neighbouring villages would travel to the market just for the candles and they always sold out. It was here as a young girl her grandmother inspired her on her journey.

This took her to working with some of the worlds most luxurious and established perfume houses and prestigious London department stores.

As a young adult she moved to the lively area of Portobello Road where she first listened to her entrepreneurial spirit, inspired by the rich scents and diverse aromas that came from the flower and food sellers she instantly fell in love with the area which greatly reminded her of her grandmother and her summers in Spain.

From her little flat in Portobello Road, Monica handmade her first very own scented candle. What started then, as making gifts for friends and family soon became an exciting business venture in a little piece of the Internet universe.

“ I wanted to share the memories I had from a child and create beautiful, luxuriously scented candles that my grandmother would be proud of. They are loved by my family and friends and I hope they are loved by you and yours too”.

Monica xox